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October 22, 2009

What Is A “Warden”?

Q: What is a ‘Warden’?

A: Each U.S. post abroad has a network of volunteers in the community who live, work, study, or socialize with large groups of Americans. These volunteers, called “wardens” – aptly named after WWII air raid wardens – help us spread messages to the American community. Because of their close ties to the U.S. expat community, wardens are often the fastest and most effective route to distributing information to Americans. Embassy wardens are often unseen, but they nevertheless play an integral role in assisting American citizens living abroad.

Check out this short video about our Warden Conference from February 2009 to see more about what a Warden is.

Q: What is a ‘Warden Message’?

A: Warden messages contain information deemed vital by the Embassy for the American public and is often disseminated through our wardens and always posted on our website. To keep abreast of the latest warden messages, please visit our website or subscribe to this blog via RSS feed.

If you are in contact with a large number of American citizens in the UK and are interested in registering to become a warden, please send an email to

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