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May 13, 2010


Helping Americans Overseas

The United Kingdom is a great place to visit, but if you’re an American citizen and have been the victim of a crime or an accident, then the U.S. Embassy is ready to assist you. Watch this YouTube video for more information.

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  1. Jonathan SCHWARTZ
    May 14 2010

    I have been trying to rent a vacation apartment through an outfit called I’m beginning to think this is a scam. Do you have any information about this company? Is there anything I can do at this point? I expect to arrive in London on the 20th and have already wired them money.

    • American Citizen Services
      May 17 2010

      Jonathan – we regret that the Embassy does not hold any information about this company. If you believe that you have been the victim of a scam, more information is available from the Embassy website.

  2. Karen Quealy
    May 23 2010

    My friend sent an urgent e-mail that she and her family were robbed at gunpoint in London. I believe this happened early this morning. Thieves took cash, cellphone, bags, credit cards. Family still has passports. She needs help getting back home.
    Her contact information is
    Please help!

    • American Citizen Services
      May 24 2010

      Karen – you should advise your friend to contact the Embassy directly for assistance. You should consider the possibility that your friend’s email account may have been hacked, as this sounds a lot like many of the scams that we hear about each day at the Embassy. We strongly recommend that, if your friend requests that you send her money, that you do not do so. The Embassy will not turn away a U.S. citizen in distress.

  3. Stacy
    May 25 2010

    My friend has sent me an e-mail today saying that her hotel has been robbed and needs me to send money. I recieved this e-mail today. She said the hotel has shut down phone services and only can contact her through e-mail. She left no hotel name or her location in the UK. Is there any way to investigate this further? It seems a little strange that she would not contact the embassy!

    • American Citizen Services
      May 25 2010

      Stacy – you are right to be suspicious, this sounds exactly like the hundreds of scams we hear about each week at the Embassy. It is possible that your friend’s email account has been hacked. We strongly advise you not to send any money. If your friend is having difficulties or has been a victim of crime, she should contact the Embassy directly. The Embassy will never turn away an American citizen in distress.

  4. stacy
    May 25 2010

    Ok I have gotten in touch with my friend who is here in the US. Her e-mail account has been hacked! The hackers are still responding to me and have givin me an address and has asked me to send money via Western Union. Is the address that the hackers sent to me of any importance to you? I can forward their e-mail to you if it will be helpful!

    • American Citizen Services
      May 25 2010

      stacy – you may wish to report the scam to the Internet Crime Complaint Centre. However, we strongly recommend that you do not contact the scammers further. Your friend may wish to close down her email account, or change the passport information and advise her other friends not to send money to the person who has hacked her account.

  5. Christina
    May 30 2010

    I think that I have been scamed very badly. I was in a relationship with someone that I have met on the personals and told me that he needed money to get home.
    I have read your scam report and everything that you have said about the scam artist is what has happen to me. My question is ” Is there any way I can get my money back?”
    Have you ever been able to catch the people to do so? I have lost alot of money and now I’m in fanancial trouble.
    I have all the emails and documents that he has sent to me.Along with phone numbers.
    I even have all the confirmation receipts.

    • American Citizen Services
      Jun 7 2010

      Christina – if you have been scammed, you should report it, using the information available from the Embassy’s website, here. We regret that we cannot advise you on recovering the money you have lost.

  6. Kim
    Jun 19 2010

    I have a friend that says he is in St. Geroges hospital in London. He was supposely taken there as an emgerency with food poisoning. A doctor there contacted me with text messages telling me that my friend is in their hospital, and they need payment before they can release him. My friend is an American citizen, and when he finally called me, I told him to contact the Embassy in London. He said he did and that the Embassy wouldn’t do anything to help him because he made an agreement with the hospital to pay $2000 for his release. Will the Embassy say something like that to an American citizen? The doctpr said his name is Dr. Wilson with St. George’s hospital. I can call internationally, but for some reason, I can only call the doctor. Whenever I try calling the Embassy myself, or the hospital, I get a recording that the numbers have been diconnected. I know that can’t be true. I’m thinking when I called the doctor, somehow they put my phone on a router, and whenever I try to call another London number, I get the recording. Could this be a scam?

    • American Citizen Services
      Jun 21 2010

      Kim – we strongly advise you not to send any money to this person . This sounds exactly like the hundreds of scams we hear about every week at the Embassy. We assure you that the Embassy would never turn away an American in genuine need of help. If you are concerned that your friend may be in real difficulties, advise them to contact the Embassy directly. Contact information is available from our website, here.

  7. Kim
    Jun 21 2010

    So the Embassy in London would not tell a American Citizen that Fees are entirely a matter for agreement between the individual and the hospital? And that the Embassy will not get involved with that agreement? I really do need some answers here. Because I believe I’ve already been scam out of some money before this incident. I’ve already filed a complaint at over the weekend. And the my “friend” continues to contact me for money. The so-called doctor, has even sent me a threatening text message for payment. I want to call the Embassy myself, but like I said in my previous post, I get a recording that says the number has been changed. Any information you give me on here is of great help and appreciated.

    • American Citizen Services
      Jun 21 2010

      Kim – its not that the Embassy wouldn’t get involved, but no hospital in London would hold a person effectively hostage for not paying their medical fee and certainly no doctor would demand money with threatening texts. This is a scam, you should not send any money to this person.

      If you wish to contact the Embassy yourself, you may call [44] (20) 7499-9000, to reach our switchboard.

  8. John
    Jun 23 2010

    I have been in a relationship with a woman for a while who claims she is an american citizen and is waiting to get a substantial inheritance from her parents. While she waits for this, she needs money for food and other necessities. I advised her to contact the embassy. She told me she did and the embassy would not help her. Is this possible that the embassy would not help? I have been helping her, but am unable to anymore. I have her name, an address in London, and email address, but no phone number. If there is any way the embassy can help in this situation or you need more information, please get back to me.

    • American Citizen Services
      Jun 24 2010

      John – unfortunately, this sounds like many of the scams we hear about at the Embassy. We would never refuse to assist an American in distress. We strongly advise you to cease contact with this woman and recommend that you do not provide her with any more money.

  9. Kerrie Houston
    Jul 1 2010

    My teenage daughter is part of a 100-strong “Team USA” that will be in England this summer for a Worlds ropeskipping event, where participants from 35 countries will compete for a week’s time, near London (at one of the 2012 Olympic sites). The USA coach has requested that the team wear their “Team USA” warm ups while traveling to and from England, as well as when they’re on public transportation there. A couple years ago, my husband and I traveled throughout Europe, and the US government warned US travelers not to wear anything that would identify them as Americans. Naturally, as parents, we can make our own decision about what our daughter wears; but, was wondering your professional opinion on this subject. I can see her wearing the warm up while in US airports, but would prefer that she not wear it around the city.

    • American Citizen Services
      Jul 7 2010

      Kerrie – the Department of State advises travelers that they should “as much as possible, avoid luggage tags, dress and behavior that may identify you as an American.” Information for travelers is available from the Department of State here, and information specific to the United Kingdom is available here.

  10. Rachel
    Jul 4 2010


    I am a US citizen and mistakenly left a prescription medicine at home and need to get week’s supply while here in the UK. Any recommendations on how to handle this?
    Thank you!

    • American Citizen Services
      Jul 7 2010

      Rachel – If you require a replacement prescription, you may wish to make an appointment to see a doctor in the UK. More information, including lists of medical practitioners in the UK, is available from our website.

  11. Michael
    Jul 5 2010

    John’s situation is similar to mine. I have been helping a young man who claims to have been brought to the UK to live with his uncle after his father died when he was 7 yrs old. He claims that he was born in Pineoria, Georgia. He claims that he has lost his job and has saved 220 GBP towards his air fare to the US. I have helped him with the rest. He also claims that he was pushed out of his uncle’s home when the uncle got married. He adds that he has had no contact with relatives in the US since he left.
    He claims that he has not eaten in several days. Once he got the balance for the airfare, he discovered that his passport expired 2 weeks ago. I told him to go to the embassy. He told me that he was refused help. I told him to go back and ask for assistance as a destitute expatriate. I read about this program that has $500,000 to assist destitute expatriates.

    I told him that the Embassy is closed on July 5. He claims that he went to another office of the embassy that was open today. He said that they could not help him to pay for the renewal of his passport and that it will cost 115 GBP to renew his passport and that the embassy could not give him a short term extension, just until he gets back to the states. I have spoken to him on the phone and he has seen me on my web cam. He says that he does not have a web cam. I have a name, an address and a cell phone number. I have spoken to this guy several times over the internet, which lead me to believe that he was being honest. Is it true that the full cost of the passport renewal would not be reduced for a citizen in this situation? IS there a way to get a small loan to help him pay for a passport renewal?

    • American Citizen Services
      Jul 7 2010

      Michael – Unfortunately this sounds like many of the hundreds of scams we deal with every week at the Embassy. The Embassy would not refuse to assist an American in real distress. We strongly recommend that you cease contact with this person and particularly do not send him any more money.

  12. Mark
    Jul 12 2010

    Passport renewed in less than 3 weeks door to door w/ no hassle. Great service!!

  13. Hina Abbas
    Jul 13 2010

    Hi I have contacted the American embassy twice with no reply from them. I have a genuine reason with help needed from them. But it’s funny how no one is giving me a reply as of yet. I have left my email address please check your system for my email and please give me a reply. Thank you.

    • American Citizen Services
      Jul 15 2010

      Hina – what do you require assistance with?

  14. Nay Kay
    Jul 15 2010

    Hi, my sister in law and her husband who live in UK want to get a divorce .They still don’t have lawyers and don’t know the law etc… Also there is a child involved, their daughter, she is 2 years old. She is an american and the husband is French. We need some advice and contacts.

    a. Her rights, and her daughter’s right. If she can get herself and her daughter out of UK and come home.
    b. A good lawyer. If the embassy can provide her with some names or refer her to some good lawyers.

    Thank you she is in a real mess and we’d like this to be solved ASAP.

    • American Citizen Services
      Jul 16 2010

      Nay Kay – A list of American divorce lawyers is available from the Embassy website. The U.S. Embassy assumes no responsibility or liability for the professional ability or reputation of, or the quality of services provided by, the following persons or firms. Inclusion on this list is in no way an endorsement by the Department of State or the U.S. Embassy. Names are listed alphabetically,and the order in which they appear has no other significance.

  15. Ob
    Jul 16 2010

    My children are American citizens. Their mother is presently working in the UK with Tier 2 Visa. She applied for them to join her in the UK under dependant immigrant Visa. My Children application for entry clearance was refused because the UK embassy says that I {their Dad} does not have an entry clearance to the UK. I do not want to relocate to the UK as I am gainfully employed abroad

    Can my children come to the UK with their American passport on tourism, since they do not require an entry Visa for this purpose? After wish they would return to the US in 6 weeks time, although they had been earlier refused under the dependant relation of a tier2 migrant?

    • American Citizen Services
      Jul 16 2010

      Ob – if you have a question regarding entering the United Kingdom, you should contact the UK Border Agency for more information on the entry requirements for the UK.

  16. Hina Abbas
    Jul 16 2010

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I can’t really say on here what I need help with. That is why I sent the email to this email address twice. And it has been 2 weeks and no one is giving me a reply. please can you check your email system and please reply to me asap. God bless.

    • American Citizen Services
      Jul 16 2010

      Hina – we have been unable to locate your correspondence. Please resend the email and you will be advised further.

  17. Jason
    Sep 16 2010

    I have a friend that may have been mugged in England and am trying to call the Emergency number, but do not know how to dial that number from the United States.

    • AmericanCitizenServices
      Sep 20 2010

      Jason – The best thing you can do for your friend is to tell them to contact the Embassy directly from the UK. Unfortunately, we hear about hundreds of scams each week in which ‘friends’ have been mugged or hurt. We particularly recommend that you do not send any money to your friend but tell them to contact the Embassy for assistance. We will never refuse to assist an American in distress.

  18. Melina
    Oct 21 2010

    I got an email at work at about 10:30 this evening. I have copied it below verbatim. I don’t believe I even know who this person is, so I am treating it as a scam and will not respond to it. I would advise anyone that gets a suspicious email like this one not to respond.
    Copy of the email follows:

    I’m writing this with tears in my eyes,I came down here to London,United Kingdom for a short vacation unfortunately we were robbed at the park of the hotel where we stayed, worse of it was that our bags, cash, credit cards and cell phone were stolen of us at GUN POINT, it’s such a crazy experience for us.

    We need help flying back home and the authorities are not being 100% supportive but the good thing is that we still have our passports but don’t ave enough money to get our flight tickets back home and pay for the hotel bills and the hotel manager won’t let us leave.I’m just gonna have to plead with you to lend me some funds right now,i’ll pay back as soon as I get home. We need to sort the hotel bills and get on the next available flight home.


    • AmericanCitizenServices
      Oct 22 2010

      Melina – you are correct, this is definitely a scam. We strongly recommend that you cease all contact with the scammer and particularly that you do not send any money.

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