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January 30, 2009


Does the Embassy Provide Notary Services?

Q: Does the Embassy offer Notary Services?
A: Yes, Notary Services are provided at the Embassy by appointment only, to American and non-American citizens, who need to have documents notarized for use in the United States. (Due to the large volume of requests for notary services, appointments cannot be made by telephone and you will not be admitted to the Embassy for a notary service without an appointment; walk-ins are not accepted.)

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Please note that certain services are NOT offered by U.S. consular officers. They are:

For more information on notary services including how to book your appointment, please visit our website at: .

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  1. DavidM
    Oct 20 2009

    My wife and I need to sign the same document before a Notary Public. I have booked an appointment using my name and details.
    Will she be allowed to attend the appointment with me so we can both sign the document at the same time?

    • American Citizen Services
      Oct 20 2009

      Instructions on our website clearly state “Each person signing must have an appointment”. This means that if you wife will be signing documents in front of a consular officer, she is required to have her own individual appointment booked, even if you will be signing the same documents. You do not have to book for the same time slot, but can simply book for the same date and appear together. These requirements are in order to comply with security measures. If you have problems booking an appointment for your wife, please email for assistance.

  2. Susan Attwood
    May 19 2010

    I need to have a document notarized that requires two witnesses. Will the notary service provide witnesses?

    • American Citizen Services
      May 20 2010

      Susan – People in the waiting area may be asked to act as witnesses or you can bring specific witnesses with you to you Notary appointment. Please note that a notary appointment must be booked by all who will attend. You can get more information, and book an appointment, from the Embassy website.

  3. Cat
    Jun 9 2010

    I’m studying in Northern England and will be travelling to Edinburgh later this summer. Can I attend the Edinburgh Consulate for a notary appointment or do I have to make an extra (rather expensive) trip to all the way down to London?

    • American Citizen Services
      Jun 9 2010

      Cat – information about arranging a notary appointment at the Embassy in Edinburgh is available from our website, here.

  4. JL
    Aug 4 2010

    I am a US citizen living in the UK in need of urgent notarial services. After unsuccessfully attempting to schedule a notary appointment on the US Embassy London website (it appears no appointments are available through 2011!), I was able to get through on the telephone to someone at the US Embassy in consular services. I was informed that notary services are no longer offered as they are not deemed “essential services” to US citizens. It seems hard to believe that the US Embassy in London would no longer provide this service considering the number of US citizens who reside in the UK. At a minimum, the US Embassy London website should clarify that notarial services are (unfortunately) no longer offered.

    • AmericanCitizenServices
      Aug 6 2010

      JL – if you require documents notarizing in the UK, you can have them notarized using the British two-step system. Information about how to do so is available from our website here.

  5. Ad
    Aug 30 2010

    Hello- It says clearly in one of the replies above that appointments to have documents notarized at ACS cannot be made by telephone. How can appointments be made? Also, is there a list of people in the UK (eg visiting American lawyers) that one can access to get a document notarized in other places than the embassy/consulate? Ad

    • AmericanCitizenServices
      Sep 1 2010

      Ad – Appointments for notarial services at the embassy are not currently available. We hope to be able to resume these services soon.
      If you require a document notarized information about how to do so under the British two-step system is available from our website, here.

  6. chigozie
    Sep 18 2010

    Hellow ave been trying to get a document notorized since july but it seems difficult getting a date, please what do i do ?

    • AmericanCitizenServices
      Sep 20 2010

      chigozie – Appointments for notarial services at the embassy are not currently available. We hope to be able to resume these services soon. A notice will be posted on our website, here, when appointments become available.

  7. Harry Burns
    Nov 28 2010

    Do you have an explanation why the U.S. Embassy charges five times the average U.S. rate for notarial services?

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