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West Coast Climate Pact

I saw a news item today that might be of interest to our blog readers. I know that there is a great deal of focus on international climate-change negotiations and targets, so this would qualify as it also includes British Colombia. But at least in the U.S., it is also important to follow what is happening on the state level. That is especially true when California alone would be the 12th largest economy in the world.

That sizable state will be aligning its climate and cleaner energy policies with its West Coast neighbors, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. Governors from the northern states and the environment minister from B.C. met in San Francisco on Monday to sign a climate-change agreement.

Ben Chin, Communications Director for the Office of the Premier, said, “In many ways the three states and the province are continental leaders when it comes to putting a price on carbon and setting ambitious goals in greenhouse-gas reductions, promoting and fostering growth and clean energy alternatives.”

Cutting carbon emissions will be one of the main goals of the plan. California has taken an aggressive approach to this through the implementation of a carbon cap-and-trade system. And British Columbia has levied a $30-per-tonne carbon tax for the past five years. They will also encourage people to use alternative fuels and electric cars and try to find ways of dealing with the problem of the rising and deadly carbon dioxide levels in the sea.

The four regions, plus the state of Alaska, are members of the Pacific Coast Collaborative, which was formed in 2008 as a forum to share ideas on climate policies.

For more information, here’s a great article in the San Francisco Chronicle.


UK Highlights – EU ETS Reform, Tackling Deforestation & Marine Conservation

Action to reform the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, reduce deforestation, protect marine life, value natural assets and cut emissions from heat are just some of the UK’s environmental news stories in recent weeks.   New plans for the teaching of climate change in schools have been put under the spotlight; a U.S. tidal energy company announced plans to establish operations in Scotland; the UK’s new Chief Scientific Adviser started his post; and a new Energy Minister was announced.  

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UK: Budget

On March 20, 2013, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne MP, delivered his Budget to Parliament.   Amid concern over energy shortages and lagging infrastructure decisions, HMG was keen to demonstrate momentum for new energy projects.  The Chancellor touched on plans for new nuclear, and the next stage of the UK’s Carbon Capture and Storage competition, but reserved his focus on energy for the development of shale gas.  

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UK Highlights – Green Deal, Polar Bears and Solar Superstorms

The launch of HMG’s Green Deal, a summit on climate change legislation, and the Prime Minister’s defence of his Government’s green growth agenda has marked the first few weeks of 2013.  In other news, the Government has responded to a report by MPs on protecting the Artic, the UK has signalled support for greater protection for polar bears, and experts have called for a plan to protect the UK against a solar superstorm.

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UK: PM Defends ‘Green Government’

On December 11, Prime Minister Cameron gave evidence to the House of Commons Liaison Committee on the issue of “green government.”  The Prime Minister said his Government has the “most incredibly green set of energy policies and I think we can be very, very proud of them. I think there are few countries in the world that come anywhere close to what Britain has done and is proposing to do.” 

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UK Highlights – Conference Season

With UK party conference season over for another year, here is a round-up of key speeches relating to environment, science, technology and health issues.  

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UK Highlights – Green Games, Growth and the weather

As MPs begin their summer recess, it has been a busy few weeks for Ministers who have been promoting the “greenest Olympic games” ever,  pressing for international and local action on climate change, publishing the draft Water Bill, and taking forward the steps taken at the Rio+20 Earth Summit.   The debate over the Government’s support for green growth gathers pace, as DECC plans to publish details on renewable energy subsidies.  Gloomy skies and heavy rainfall in the UK has led to questions over the Government’s flood defense budget.  The Met Office  has produced analysis of historic weather for each of the Olympic venues and everyone is keeping their fingers crossed for some British summertime.

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Environmental Advocate Majora Carter Visits London

During a May 30-31 visit to the UK, U.S. environmental justice advocate Majora Carter spoke with students at London’s Lambeth Academy about  environmental urban renewal and the economic benefits it engenders.  Ms. Carter founded Sustainable South Bronx in 2001, a non-profit with a focus on urban green collar job training.  Since 2008 she has led a consulting company specializing in green economic growth.  Her work has earned her multiple awards, including a MacArthur “genius” Fellowship.  Check out a quick video from her visit after the jump.

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UK Highlights – Queen’s Speech, Barrages and Butterflies

The Green Investment Bank, electricity market reform and proposals for the water industry all made it into the Queen’s Speech on May 9, and environmental groups and business leaders are pressing for further details on Government plans.   A proposed tidal barrage across the Severn estuary, the Government’s commitment to green growth and the UK’s springtime weather has also made the headlines.

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UK highlights – Clean Energy Ministerial

Energy Ministers from 23 of the world’s leading economies gathered together in London last week for the third Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM3) to help accelerate the transition to clean energy technologies.  A joint press release was released from Energy Ministers outlining commitments made on energy efficiency, renewable energy, energy access, and other cross-cutting initiatives.  Under pressure from green groups, UK Government Ministers were keen to demonstrate their renewed commitment to be the “greenest government ever” and give a clear vision to investors in renewable energy. 

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