NBA superstar coaches UK kids

On 8 August, 2012, in 2012 Games, Experience 2012, by Olympic.Outreach

NBA superstar, and 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist, Dwyane Wade set aside some time the week, to coach UK kids.

Wade’s mentoring the London-area kids to teach them how to succeed in life through sport. Lessons he teaches his own sons. Since 2011 the Miami Heat Guard has taken part in U.S. President Barack Obama’s Fatherhood Initiative. Wade says the London 2012 Games are a chance for parents to use athletics to show their kids how diverse the world can be.

“The great thing about Olympic Sports and Olympic time is that you get the opportunity to watch sports that you might not have known nothing about or you might not have watched before…I know my kids love sports so it just makes it a little bit easier to say you don’t like this one try this one. You don’t like this one try this one. It just gives them more opportunities, more options. That’s what you want as a parent. You want to give your kids options.”

This London clinic is one of many that American Athletes are taking part in during the Olympics. Accompanying Wade was American Ambassador Louis Susman, who said the Olympics gives U.S. athletes the chance to act as ambassadors themselves.

A full gallery of Dwyane Wade and Ambassador Susman at the NBA kids clinic can be found on the U.S. Embassy’s Flickr site.