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November 2, 2009


Important information concerning the medical examination for immigrant and K visa applicants at the U.S. Embassy in London

If you are applying for an immigrant, fiancee or K-3 or 4 visa at the Embassy, the medical examination must take place before the visa interview.  If you arrive at the Embassy without having attended a medical examination, your interview will be cancelled and you will be required to schedule for a later date.

You should allow approximately 5 workdays between the medical examination and visa interview.  Provided you have attended the examination, we will conduct the visa interview, even if we have not received the results of the medical examination.  In such cases, action your application will be suspended until the results are received.

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  1. Nov 17 2009

    The medical examination can be performed at anytime, provided you have your case number. Keep in mind, however, that the examination will be valid for travel to the United States for one year from the date on which it is performed and must be valid on entry into the United States on the immigrant visa.

  2. Lisa
    Jun 24 2010

    Does the medical exam have to take place in London? Petitioning for my husband’s immigrant visa. We live in the Channel Islands which seems to mean that two trips to London will be required. First the medical and then a subsequent trip for the interview. Are there any contingencies for residents of Jersey?

    • Jun 25 2010

      Lisa – The medical examination is performed by an Embassy approved physician at one of two medical centers in London. The medical examination cannot be performed by the applicant’s own physician.

  3. carol
    Jun 28 2010

    Hi how long is the current wait for a visa appointment, I have had my medical and submitted my request for interview.
    This is the 3 post I have placed on this site, why do they keep getting removed without an anwser

    • Jun 30 2010

      carol – it can take 4-6 weeks, from the date you submitted all the required forms in your Immigrant Visa application, to schedule an interview appointment. If it has been more than 6 weeks from the date you submitted the forms, you may wish to contact the Embassy’s Operator Service on 09042 450 100 (£1.20/min) for more information.

  4. Victoria
    Jun 29 2010


    We are in the document collecting portion for our approved K-1 visa application through the London Embassy. I would like my fiance to get the medical examination out of the way even before we submit the checklist…is there a list of the Embassy Approved Physicians and the 2 Medical Center locations and contact numbers so we can set an appointment now? Thanks!

  5. Jenny
    Jul 28 2010


    My application for a K1 visa is now in the hands of the embassy and I am waiting to be contacted about an interview. However, I have to move from my current address unexpectedly.

    Should I contact Immigrant Visa Unit in writing with my new address? Will this slow my application down?


    • Jul 29 2010

      Jenny – you must advise the Immigrant Visa Unit of your new address as soon as possible. Your change of address will not affect the status of your application.

  6. julie
    Aug 24 2010

    Can you tell me if you require your medical records and copies of x-rays from you own doctor for the interview or just the records that the doctor that does the examination for the visa gives you. Thank you for your help.

    • Aug 25 2010

      Julie – if you are applying for an immigrant visa, you must attend a medical examination with the Embassy’s panel physician. Medical records from your own GP will not be accepted. More information about the medical examination, including how to arrange an examination, is available from the Embassy website, here.

  7. Freshta Abedi
    Dec 3 2010

    I had applied for my husband and all the processing by NVC had been completed and send to US Embassy in London. He had his medical examination and went to his interview on Oct 4th. He also sent his passport to Embassy on Nov 1st. However since then we have not heard anything back. On the website it says it takes 7-10 working days to process the visa. We contacted the Courier Service to make sure they have delivered the passport and they say that they have and the embassy. I tried to contact the NVC and USCIS here in USA to see if there is any thing needed from our side. They said that we contact the embassy.
    Is there any way of finding out exactly what is going on with his case?? is there a number or an email address where we could get more information. It has been almost a month since he sent his passport and 2 months since he had his interview. We applied in October of last year and I would like to know what is going on and what do I need to do?? Please advise !!
    Thank you

    • Dec 3 2010

      Freshta – Please contact the Embassy Operator Service on 09042 450 100 (1.20/min) for further information.

  8. Victor K
    Dec 30 2010

    I am a UK resident at this time, but I have a USA Fiancee. I am currently selling up property to join her in the USA. To start me on the right course, what VISA should I have to apply for to live with her in the USA.

    What steps do I need to take and more importantly what order do I need to take them.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    • Jan 5 2011

      Victor – if you wish to travel to the United States to marry your fiancée and reside there permanently, you will be required to obtain the appropriate fiancé (K-1) visa before you attempt to travel. Information about the K-1 visa is available from the Embassy website, here.

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