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February 20, 2010


Does the DS-160 keep timing out on you?

The form will time out after approximately 20 minutes.   It is important, therefore, that you save the document and save often.  There is a “”SAVE” button at the end of each section; make sure that you press this before continuing onto a new section.

If you save the document and find that you have made a mistake, you will be able to bring up the saved document, correct the error and continue.

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  1. Raj
    Aug 26 2010

    Hello there!

    Please can you let me know if and where I can download the ESTA and DS-160 application forms?

    I need them to gather all required information instead of entering part information and then saving to my laptop before gathering more information (required for later pages) and uploading saved form.

    I gather that the form is in .dat format, which software program is required to open the form file please?

    I also want to download the forms to prevent being timed out because I will be able to read the full form and be ready with all relevant information.

    I gather that names of educational institutes attended since age 11 and last 5 employers are required. Are these details also required for a 70 years old lady applying for a visitor visa? If so, what should we write if she cannot recollect exact details?

    Please help!


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