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May 14, 2010


Have you completed the DS-160 online and received the confirmation sheet?

Completing the DS-160 on line and submitting the application is just one step in the visa application process.  If you are aged 14 – 79 you are required to schedule an appointment to apply for the visa in person.  The appointment can only be scheduled by calling the Operator Assisted Information Service

Applicants under the age of 14 and those aged 80 and over, may be eligible to apply for a visa through the courier company.  You will find further information concerning this on our website at

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    Jun 29 2010

    Yesterday I filled in the Esta on line for my stepson who is 11….at section A) where it asks you if you have a physical or mental disorder on reading the finer print we decided we thought to do the right thing and say yes, as he suffers from ADHD which is controlled by medication, becuase we said yes travel authorisation was declined…..we telephoned the help line to be told ADHD is
    not one of the disorders it was aimed at and was told after 24 hours to reapply saying no to sectionA) which we have done but it has still been declined..we have now filled in the online email explaining why we said yes to section A)

    how long before we get a response or is there another way of starting again we travel on 18th July

    • Jun 30 2010

      Richard – You may wish to contact the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for assistance. Contact information is available from their website.

  2. joe h
    Jun 29 2010

    I was told that I needed to complete 2 forms before I go for my interview one was the DS-160 the other was form BCU01 I cant find this anywhere where will i get this form

    • Jun 30 2010

      joe – the form you require is VCU01. If you are unable to find and complete the form, you may wish to contact the Embassy’s Operator Service for assistance.

  3. Jul 7 2010

    Andreas – If you have yet to make firm accommodation arrangements, you may include the address of the university which you intend to attend.

  4. rosy
    Jul 7 2010

    iam an internaional student studying in london.i have summer vacations frm july 22 and i want to visit usa at tha vacation for a week.i have filled n submiited the online ds160 form for b2 visa n i have got the confirmation reply as well.but i dont have any idea to pay the visa it at the time when im taking a date for the inerview.wht else should i do??

    • Jul 8 2010

      Rosy – Filing the DS-160 is only one stage of the visa application process. You are required to attend a visa interview and pay an MRV application fee of $140, which you can schedule by contacting the Embassy Operator Service on 09042 450 100 (1.20/min).

  5. Tsering
    Jul 7 2010

    Hello, Can anyone enlighten me what nationality i belong to according to your list in DS – 160 (Tibetan does not exist in your list ) though i am Tibetan who was born in India? I came to UK on my Identity certificate issued by Indian Government. I am resident of UK now and have UK identity card. I would appreciate for your prompt reply. Thanks.

    • Jul 8 2010

      Tsering – If you were born in India, then your country of birth for the purposes of the DS-160 is India. With regards to your nationality, if you are an Indian Citizen and hold an Indian passport then your nationality is Indian.

  6. Kimani
    Jul 9 2010

    I know to apply for a US visa will require me to fill in the online DS – 160 Form and requires me to schedule an appointment date for my interview (not really sure which step should be done first) but my question is: besides the confirmation letter I will receive from completing the the DS – 160 form, what else needs to be brought to the interview?

    • Jul 15 2010

      Kimani – each visa category may require different documents to be submitted at the time of the interview. More information is available from our website pages for the different visa categories.

  7. Olks
    Jul 11 2010

    I have russian nationality, hold a residence card of family member of a EEA national in England, expiring in 2014. do i need to bring my husband’s passport on my appointment to us embassy to prove my residence or marriage certificate will surfice? My husband is lithuanian so eligble to visa waiver program. many thanks for your help.

    • Jul 16 2010

      Olks – when attending an appointment at the Embassy, you should bring with you whatever evidence you believes demonstrates your eligibility for the visa and strong ties outside the United States. All applications are adjudicated on a case-by-case basis by Consular Officers.

  8. Jan
    Aug 8 2010

    Hi ,

    My question is can we book the appointment for the interview before completing the DS-160 form?
    Seond question for B1 visa is there any additional documents required to proof stong ties with the UK liks bank statement , company letter?

    • Aug 9 2010

      Jan – you can book the appointment to apply for a visa before you complete the required DS-160 application form. You may wish to bring evidence of your strong ties to the United Kingdom when applying for a visa, however, there is no set form that this evidence must take. Please note that a visa application is not a primarily document based process and that the Consular Officer may not require any additional evidence.

  9. alister
    Sep 4 2010

    Like a lot of others I got caught up in the changed VISA requirements port 9/11. My Visa is coming up to expire shortly, and I was looking for information on how to renew it. There doesn’t seem to be any on the website

    Please can i ask that investigate a simple method of renewing Visas? (my motoring conviction is not even a crime in the US!) I’d rather not have to schedule a trip to London, with overnight stay., if I can avoid it.

    Also why doesn’t the US Consulate in Edinburgh offer Visas or Visa Interviews?

    • Sep 8 2010

      alister – you can’t renew a visa, you have to make a new application. All the information you require is available from the Embassy website, here. If you are unable to travel to London, the consulate in Belfast also offers appointments for visa applications.

      All appointments for visa interview must be scheduled through the Embassy’s Operator service, which can be reached on 09042 450 100 (£1.20/min)

  10. Tiffany Vos
    Sep 7 2010

    Hello. I am a South African living and working in the UK. I plan to travel to the US next year May 2011 for a holiday. I have read through all the requirements and understand the procedure. There are just 3 queries I had:
    1) Can i book an appointment and apply for a B-2 visa now if I am only travelling in approximately 8 months?
    2) When phoning the booking service can I select which date I would like an appointment or are you given the first available appointment?
    3) You say that you must just present social, economic and finanacial proof in terms of our supporting documents. Therefore it is up to us what we provide? So i do not need to have accommdation booked, just a return ticket to London?

    Thank you

    • Sep 8 2010

      Tiffany – you can apply for a visa at any time. If you are not traveling for 8 months, you may wish to hold off applying until slightly closer to your intended date of travel. When phoning for an appointment, you can choose the date you would like. Appointments are currently available through October, with appointments later in the year being opened soon.

      When applying, you should be prepared to submit whatever evidence you believe demonstrates your strong social, economic and financial ties outside the United States. As each case varies, there is no set form that this evidence must take. The final decision on your eligibility can only be made by a consular officer at the time of your application.

  11. millie moulton
    Sep 10 2010

    my friend has just been granted her visa does she need to take her esta to the airport she is due to fly soon so need a response thank you

    • Sep 13 2010

      millie – if your friend has a valid visa, she is not required to have an ESTA as well. The ESTA is only for people who will travel visa free under the Visa Waiver Program.

  12. Cally B
    Sep 24 2010

    I have completed the DS-156 Nonimmigrant Visa Application on-line prior to the 8th Sept deadline. I have a barcode number and that is all and I am not sure what to do now? Do I wait for the DHS to contact me or do I have to contact them, I have been waiting as all I need the Nonimmigrant Visa for is stopping in Los Angeles in transit en route to London UK. Please can any one help?

    Thank you in anticipation

    • Sep 24 2010

      Cally – you have to book an appointment to apply for a visa in person. When you submitted the DS-160, you would have received confirmation, including a barcode. You must bring the sheet with the barcode to your interview. Please contact the Embassy’s Operator service on 09042 450 100 (£1.20/min) to arrange an appointment.

  13. Jeff Wingate
    Oct 6 2010

    I am an english citizen and want to experience New York for a while possible a couple of years.
    only thing is I’m unsure of the visa process and not sure what is required.
    Do I need employment before I go out there or can I get the Visa and then find work while im over there? (this is the option I would prefer)
    any help would be brilliant.

    • Oct 8 2010

      Jeff – if you wish to work in the United States, you will require a firm job offer before you can apply for the appropriate employment based visa.

  14. alice roberts
    Oct 17 2010

    hi..I am married to an American, living in Scotland we are planning a trip to U.S next year for about 3 months touring and visiting inlaws….question is Visa’s ? I have a past conviction 35 years old, nothing since….will a VWP do or what other one do I apply for? ….thanks

    • Oct 20 2010

      alice – if you have a conviction, even if it is considered spent under UK law, you will require a visa in order to travel to the United States. You are not eligible to travel visa free under the Visa Waiver Program. Information about applying for a visa is available here.

  15. elen
    Nov 2 2010

    hi there, i am a british citizen and i have been filling out the DS160 form online but it needs a point of contact in the US. i am planning to travel the west coast of the US sometime next year but have not booked anything as of yet. i do not know anyone in the US to put as a contact and have not organised accomodation. i thought of booking accomodation before applying for a visa but i do not plan to have set places to be at set times therefore am only going to book initial accommodation for when i arrive and then book other places as i go along.what should i do? thanks

    • Nov 3 2010

      elen – if you are not able to put a point of specific contact, you may put “None”in the space.

  16. Andrew Haldane
    Nov 24 2010

    I am applying for an H1-B visa and H-4 visas for my wife and 2 young children.

    Obviously my wife and I must attend for an interview after completing DS-160, but what about my children (aged 2years and 9months).

    I heard that I complete DS-160s for them and can then take them to my/my wife’s interview. Is that right?

    • Nov 24 2010

      Andrew – you are corerct, children under the age of 14 are not required to attend the Embassy in person. You may complete the DS-160 form for your children and bring the necessary information (including the confirmation sheet with barcode) with you at the time of your application.

  17. Mayur Patel
    Dec 14 2010

    My mother is a UK citizen and is 88 years old. She has visited US using the visa-waiver program, however we would like her to stay more than 3 months, perhaps 6 months to 9 months. What would the procedure be for her to get the additional visa.
    She would like to travel last week of the year (12/30/2010).
    I can get the DS-160 filled out for her, but what would be my next step.

    Thank you

    • Dec 15 2010

      Mayur – as your mother is over 80, she may be eligible to apply by mail for a visa. If your mother wishes to remain in the U.S. for longer than 90 days, she will require a B-2 visa. Information on applying for a B-2 visa, including how to apply by mail, is available from the Embassy website.

  18. ingrid
    Dec 30 2010

    my husband and i will be travelling to the US together under the B2 category – tourism. Is it normal that when he completes the online form he has to complete more detail regarding our itenary as well as his Education and Employers over the last 5 years, than I have to complete? The form did not prompt me for other education/work background other than my current employment. Is this normal??

    • Jan 19 2011

      Ingrid – You need not be concerned that your husband has been asked additional questions when completing the DS-160. The questions will vary depending on each individual’s response.

  19. Taigang He
    Jan 19 2011

    I am applying a B2 visa for my son who will be on a school trip to the states. I have filled the form online and got the confirmation. My son is 12 years old so I booked a curier service. My question is how I can pay the visa fee online because I do not need to make an appointment.

  20. Jan 19 2011

    An appointment for a visa interview may be arranged through the Operator Assisted Information Service.

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