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October 20, 2010


Important Information for Applicants Applying for an Immigrant or K Visa

If your application is being processed by the Immigrant Visa Unit at the Embassy and you have submitted all of the forms required to process your application but you have not been notified of an appointment, it may be because the Immigrant Visa Unit has not received the results of your medical examination.  The Immigrant Visa Unit will not

schedule the visa interview until the results of the medical examination have been received.  If you have not scheduled the medical examination, please contact the panel physician to arrange an appointment –

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  1. Emma
    Jan 2 2011

    Hello – Happy New Year,

    Re.Fiance visa application

    I have had my medical mid December and the results were said to be sent over to the embassy within a week.
    How long after will I receive an interview date please?
    It has been two weeks already though with the bank holidays I am sure it may delay a little.

    Thank you in advance for your help

    • Jan 5 2011

      Emma – if you are concerned that your documents may not have been received, you should contact the Embassy’s Operator service on 09042 450 100 (£1.20/min) for assistance.

  2. Mohamed
    Jan 23 2011

    hi they told me iam awinner of us permenant resident card i received Email and was asked to pay money and i afraid to be vicfimised so pls help

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