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November 4, 2010


DS-160 Form – Update

As of November 1, applicants completing the DS-160 can retrieve an incomplete application even if they have not saved it to the hard drive or a disc. These changes will help those who begin an application and need to step away for further information, or those who lose their connection or the application times out on them. This option will be available for only 30 days so we recommend that you still save the DS-160 onto your hard drive or disc. You can do this by clicking on the SAVE button at the bottom of the last page of the form and following the instructions for saving the file.

In order to be able to retrieve an incomplete form without having saved it, you will require an Application ID. The Application ID will be found in the top left-hand corner of the page once you have selected the location at which you will apply for the visa and have clicked on the “Start a New Application” button. Keep this Application ID safe as it will be required should you wish to access the unsaved DS-160 anytime within 30 days of completing the form. Remember if you do not save the form to the hard drive or disc, you will only be able to access the incomplete application form for 30 days.

Once the form has been submitted, there is no way to retrieve it to make corrections. In a case like this, provided you have saved the form, you can to back into it, correct the error and resubmit it. This will generate a new DS-160 confirmation sheet with a new bar code.

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  1. Stuart Knowling
    Nov 17 2010

    I completed the DS-160 online and noticed that the requirements for listing education had changed since I last applied for a J Visa. I only put my postdoctoral, phd and degree studies as per my previous visa application.

    I have the completed confirmation form and am unable to return back into the system to list my secondary education. Is it vital that I do that and if so how can I go about doing it as every time I try to load the application it takes me to the confirmation form?

    • Nov 19 2010

      Stuart – If on the Form DS-160 you are asked the question “Have you attended any educational institutions other than an elementary school”, you should list all educational institutions you have attended since the age of 11.

      • manpreet
        Nov 25 2010

        I am a Indian student here in UK and i want to visit US for my sister’s marriage
        During my college vacations
        I just wanted to confirm if which all
        additional documents i require to support from my
        College and bank and if any other

        Thanks in advance

  2. Kamran
    Dec 4 2010

    Respected Sir/Madam

    First of all, Thank you for your time & of this Forum/webchat as it would be very helpfull for the people who wish to apply for visas, I m Pakistani national & currently on HSMP visa & working as telecom’s engr, I m planning to visit US [B-2-Trousim] for 1-2 weeks next year May or July[school holidays] with my family (wife & 2 kids).
    My questions are
    1.How early should i apply for visa?
    2.How much funds do i need to show (per person $100 a day ?) or more?
    3.I m living in UK for over 5yrs now & has got no criminal record/warnings what so ever & i have not been out of UK for more than 30days since i m here, do i need to produce any police certificate/CBR?

    Please advise

    Warm regards


    • Dec 15 2010

      Kamran – it can take a few days to receive a response on the blog. We do answer posts as quickly as possible.

      You can apply for a visa at any time prior to your travel date. However, we recommend that you leave plenty of time before your intended date of travel. We also recommend that applicants do not make final, irreversible travel plans until they have applied for and been granted a visa, and the document has been issued to them. There is no set amount of money that you are required to show you have. If you have never been arrested or convicted or a crime, you will not be required to provide a police certificate at the time of your application.

  3. JEN
    Dec 19 2010

    I completed the DS-160 online and found out there was no question for previous work,education and travel since my brother who also completed the DS-160 had to answer these questions.I tried to re-submit another DS-160 almost 3 times but still none.Is this expected?would it cause any problem to my interview?

    • Dec 22 2010

      Jen – you should only answer the questions the DS-160 provides. If you have not been required to provide school details, and have re-submitted the form with the same results, it is unlikely to be an error. You must ensure that you bring the confirmation page of the last DS-160 form you completed.

  4. Frederick W
    Dec 30 2010

    My wife and I wish to travel to the USA for a period longer than allowed by the Visa Waiver Programme. We are UK residents. Do we use the form DS160 to apply for a 6 month VISA, or do we use another form. I realise this is only the start of a process, but it would help to know that we start in the right place.

    • Jan 5 2011

      Frederick – full information about applying for a tourist visa is available from the Embassy website, here.

  5. Vij
    Jan 19 2011

    I’m a dependent on Tier 1 holding Indian Passport and employed at a leading Bank in UK. I have been asked by my emplyer to go to US in March for business reasons. Would I be allowed to apply for a business visa, if yes what documents should I bringing for the interview.

    • Jan 20 2011

      Vij – Please visit our website to determine which visa category is appropriate for your purpose of travel and for more information about the application process, including documents required.

    Jan 27 2011

    I am unable to save the application form DS160 after the page of photo upload what should I do If I want to print the completed form and than paste the photo
    which format or programme required to save the completed form or incompleted form

    • Feb 16 2011

      Pradep – If you are unable to successfully load a photograph, you may continue completing the DS-160. The confirmation sheet that you receive at the end will have an X in the box where the photograph should appear. This is fine. You should bring the confirmation sheet to your interview, together with a photograph taken within the last 6 months that meets the Department of State’s requirements. Detailed information is available from the Department of State website at

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