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April 15, 2009


Six things to know about ESTA

  1. The Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) applies only to travelers entering the United States visa free under the Visa Waiver Program.   If you are traveling on a valid U.S. visa, you are not required to register.
  2. You must be qualified to travel under the Visa Waiver Program to submit a registration.

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  4. ESTA does not recognize post-dated passports.  If you have a post-dated passport, you cannot register under ESTA until the date on which the passport becomes valid for travel.
  5. You are not required to have firm travel plans to submit a registration.  You may register at anytime.  If approved the registration is valid for two year or until the date on which the passport expires, which ever comes first.  Once registered, you may update your itinerary when your plans are finalized, but there is no requirement that you do so.
  6. While it is recommended that you submit a registration no less than 72 hours before travel, ESTA will accommodate last minute and emergency travelers.
  7. A third party may submit a registration on your behalf.

If you have not yet determined your eligibility to travel visa free under the Visa Waiver Program, use our Visa Wizard to help you decide.

If you are eligible to travel under the VWP and wish to register under ESTA , please visit the official ESTA website  at

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  1. Apr 23 2009

    When a registration is approved the traveler receives the message “Athorization Approved” and an application number. If you are still in doubt concerning your eligibility to travel you may send the Department of Homeland Security Customs and Border Protection an email via their website at Click on “Questions” on the left-hand side of the page, “Find an Answer and Ask a Question” and then type ESTA into the FAQ Word Search.

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