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May 4, 2009


Require help in completing your ESTA registration?

If you are experiencing problems in registration under ESTA, you may wish to contact the Department of Homeland Security Customs and Border Protection’s call center in the United States.  Their phone number is 001 (202) 344-3710.   It is also possible to contact them by email through their website at  Click on “questions” on the left-hand side of the ESTA Logopage, “Find an Answer and Ask a Question” and type ESTA in to the Key Word Search.

This phone number and website are for those experiencing problems in registration under ESTA only.  If you have been unable to find an answer to your question on our website you may call our Operator Assisted Information Service for further information.

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  1. Rita Brown
    Aug 7 2010

    I already have an ESTA form as I went to New York in 2009. I now have a new Passport as I am going to Seattle for a month in September and my old Passport has less than 6 months left. Obviously my ESTA form has the old passport number on it so do I just complete a new ESTA form with the new passport number. Many thanks. Rita Brown

    • Aug 9 2010

      Rita – yes, if you have obtained a new passport, you must re-register for ESTA using your new passport details.

  2. Penny Gibson
    Sep 8 2010

    I have a valid ESTA which I got before I travelled to the USA last year. It expires November 2011. I’m travelling to the USA again at the end of September this year (2010) . Do I need to update the ESTA as the carrier information is different this year? I’ve attempted to do this but am being told my application has expired (although I know I have another year to run on it). When I’ve tried to re-apply for a new ESTA I’ve been told that as I have more than 30 days left on the present one I will have to pay if I wish to continue with the application. This doesn’t seem fair as I still have a year left on my current ESTA. Does it mean that an ESTA lasts 2 years only if the information on it remains the same & any changes result in payment becoming due?

    • Sep 8 2010

      Penny – you are not required to update the carrier information. If your ESTA is still valid, and your passport has not expired, you may continue to travel on it.

  3. Pat Lyne
    Sep 14 2010

    I have an ‘authorised’ ESTA which I paid for (my credit card statement shows ESTA deduction of $14), however I cannot retieve it to update details. The ESTA computer cannot find it. Any ideas?

  4. Pohlmann, Klaus
    Sep 28 2010

    I filled in the form to get the permission for a visit in the US.

    The number of my passport has 10 figures, but the form didnt take it. So I asked autority what to do. They suggested me to leave the last figure. So I did. I payed 14 dollars and got the permission.

    Will I get any problems by entry the US because of the last figure of my passport number???

    please answer quick because we want to travel at 4. of october.

    Thank you for your help
    Klaus Pohlmann

    • Sep 28 2010

      Klaus – the ESTA visa website will accept passports of 10 digits. If you have omitted the last digit of your passport number, your ESTA authorization will be incorrect and you may experience difficulties when entering the United States. You may wish to contact the CBP call-center in the United States on 001(202)344 3710 for assistance in your case.

  5. Adrienne Mechen
    Oct 29 2010

    I’ve been trying to complete the ESTA application via
    the website has been experiencing technical difficulties, since 11am Thurs 28th Oct.

    I’m flying to NZ via the LAX on Sunday evening; do you know about the technical difficulties on this website ; is there an alternative way I can complete a ESTA

    • Oct 29 2010

      Adrienne – the ESTA website has resolved technical difficulties and you may now try registering again.

  6. Mrs B Abrehart
    Jan 14 2011

    since appling for esta forms and have been authorised we have changed insurance company can we edit or do we have to reapply

    • Jan 20 2011

      Mrs B Abrehart – Applicants are not required to provide insurance details when registering under ESTA.

  7. Hayley Beckett
    Jan 19 2011

    I am going to florida in feb 2011, I had completed my esta application back in october 2010, and was sucessfull but now have damaged my passport, this passport which is damaged expires in 12 months therefore i have chosen to renew rather than replace the passport, so i now have a new passport number but already have completed my esta with my old passport details, do i need to complete a new esta? if i do need to complete a new esta will i enconter problems? as my holiday details have already been submitted in my previous application.

    Can you please help, thanks

  8. andrew
    Feb 10 2011

    I wrongly ticked yes to a question on the esta form and was denied travel, I have emailed 3 times and tried to apply a second time, I havent recieved an answer to my emails and cant find a solution, we are meant to be travelling in a week, can you help ?


  9. May 6 2009

    The U.S. Government DOES NOT charge a fee to register under ESTA. Websites that levy a fee are NOT operating on behalf of the U.S. Government. There is only one official ESTA website which is If you wish to submit a registration you should visit the official ESTA website.

    Only travelers entering the United States visa free under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) are required to register under ESTA. If you have yet to deterime your eligibility to travel under the VWP, let our Visa Waiver Wizard help you decide –

  10. May 20 2009

    We suggest that you register on the official ESTA website to ensure that you encounter no problems when traveling. There is only one official U.S. government ESTA website and that is Before registering under ESTA you must ensure that you are qualified to travel visa free under the Visa Waiver Program. If you are in doubt, please visit our website for further information –

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